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Artist & Gardener

I am Amy Liu

Beezy Tiger is my studio for creating art and growing organic plants. Born in China the year of Tiger and moved to San Francisco as a child, I started working in tech post college. Five years ago, a fresh start and new love brought me to Amsterdam. As I continued working in tech,  I slowly grew unsatisfied with, not just my job, but my career. I wanted to find another way to make a difference and do something good for the environment. So I started exploring different activities and found joy in art and gardening. By starting Beezy Tiger, I can share my experience, help others to unplug, and give back to the community.

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The Studio

Beezy Tiger aims to combine art and urban gardening to create a truly unique and inspiring experience. My workshops are a chance to escape from the digital world, get your hands dirty and explore your own creativity. Whether you're looking to reconnect with nature, grow your organic food in the city, create something beautiful, or just unwind and have fun, we have something for you. Join me and discover the joy and wonder of nature-inspired creativity.

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Gardening & Beekeeping

 What started in 2018 with a few indoor plants, quickly expanded to a balcony with peppers and tomatoes.  Wanting to grow and explore sustainable, urban gardening further, I transformed a backyard of tiles into a year-round fruit and vegetable garden. In parallel, I trained in natural beekeeping and now maintain a hive. I want to share my knowledge to help more people discover the joys of growing their own food, the beauty of working & connecting with nature and sustainable living. Follow my gardening journey via my instagram account.

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I find much joy in creating art, especially as gifts for friends and family. I draw everyday, inspired by many subjects including but not limited to nature, pets and food. Here you will find some of my original watercolor art as well as cards & other fun goods. If you would like to see more of my art work, follow my art account.

Visit the Gallery page for more photos of Beezy Tiger's garden, harvests & projects

Partners & Affiliations

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Cityplot is a collective that I joined. Took my first sustainable gardening course through Cityplot and fell in love. To learn more about the collective, visit their website

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