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gardening workshop amsterdam

Beneficial Insects - May 2024

About this Workshop

With our busy urban lives, do you crave a connection with nature? Whether you are interested in growing your own organic food, in learning how to balance an ecosystem with natural pest controls, or you simply care about the environment and are curious about beneficial insects, this workshop will provide you with essential knowledge about the little creatures that do wonders in our gardens, and are crucial to the food we eat each day. In this 90 minutes workshop you will learn about some of the common pollinators and beneficial insects, what they do, and how to attract them (i.e. flowers/herbs/perennials to grow). Sign Up via Email: Private workshop available on request

  • 50 euro
  • Amsterdam Noord

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Cancellation Policy

I accept cancellation by email and refund up to 72 hours prior to a scheduled workshop. No refund if cancelled within 72 hours prior. In case of emergency or sickness, we can discuss the possibility of a make-up workshop session. Please send cancellation request to

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