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plant workshop

Build a Terrarium - March 2024

About this Workshop

Would you like to create an oasis for your living/working space, but you don't have time to maintain indoor plants? Join us in our workshop to make your own terrarium, a self sustaining ecosystem in a glass vase that brings a bit of green to your life. During this 2.5 hours workshop, Amy will start with a short intro on the history & science behind building a terrarium. She will then guide you through the steps to design and build your own terrarium. She will also provide you tips on the minimal work needed to maintain it. By the end of the workshop, you will have your own beautiful terrarium to take home and watch it thrive! All materials & tools included (glass jar, cork, plants, soil, pebbles, cleansing charcoal, etc.) Sign Up via Email: Private workshop available on request

  • 88 euro
  • Amsterdam Noord

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the upfront cost for this type of workshops, I only accept cancellation by email and refund up to 10 days prior to this workshop. No refund if cancelled within 10 days of this workshop. In case of last minute emergencies, we can discuss the possibility of a make-up workshop session. Please send cancellation and rescheduling request to

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